Ideal Mentees

This is repeat of a Twitter list of what I personally look for in people that I mentor and what I guarantee them in return. Please note that incorporating these characteristics into yourself does not guarantee you a spot in a contest, an agent, or a publishing contract. These are just my opinions. Take them with a grain of salt.

1) You HAVE to be willing to work. I am more than willing to work hard. If I pick you, I expect you to be too

2) If I love your book, I will champion it like a beast. But you have to trust me (Ask @Kymburleev)

3. You have to be able to take criticism. I am VERY honest. I to temper that with tact, but sometimes I fail. But I will always tell you what I think and how I feel about your MS. If you cannot take criticism, please tell me in advance.

4) I LOVE COMMAS. If you have comma errors, I will find them. If you hate commas and don’t want to fix comma mistakes, get out

5) I don’t settle. Though it will never be perfect, I will help you rewrite your MS as many times as it takes to get close. But you have to be willing to do multiple revisions if your MS needs it.

6. Don’t blindly follow “orders.” Stand up for yourself. If you know in your gut it’s wrong for your MS, SAY SO. 

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