The Happiest of News!

Remember how I said my mentee’s manuscript was worth watching? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go look here to catch up.)

For anyone who hasn’t seen me squeeing on Twitter about it, my wonderful and talented mentee from Pitch Wars — the amazing Caitlyn (C.H.) McFarland — was just signed by Marlene Stringer!

Dudes, I’ve been sitting on this news for a month — she got “THE CALL” on my anniversary, which was pretty much the best present ever. I seriously thought I was going to burst. But now it’s OFFICIAL, and you should all run to congratulate her!

Let me tell you, nobody deserves this more than Caitlyn. She worked ridiculously hard during Pitch Wars. Her novel — SWORN — started out at 105,000 words. She cut 10,000 of those words by herself and then worked with me to cut 10,000 MORE words as well as adding new chapters and sprucing up the ending. Seriously, guys, she is a beast. Since we live in the same city, we often spent between four and TWELVE hours in her living room editing. (“That line is stupid!” “Your face is stupid!”) We even went line by line through the entire book at least three times — all while she was taking care of three kids under the age of 6.

Beast, I tell you. BEAST.

So go congratulate her and watch for hot dragon men in jeans, epic aerial battles, and ancient Welsh kings coming to the shelves.


4 thoughts on “The Happiest of News!

    1. Congratulations Caitlyn!! It’s nice to hear the success stories coming out of contests! GREAT job on the edit and rewrite determination, your hard work paid off!

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