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Hey, guys! Hope you LOVED the Edna post. I think we’ll be seeing more of her soon . . . 😉

If you all are bored waiting for Pitch Wars results (or just bored in general or in need of a procrastination outlet), my newest book — ANYTHING BUT ALIVE — is making its debut over at the WriteOnCon forums! I’ve posted a query as well as five pages of the book. I don’t get to enter contests very often since I’m usually running them, so I’m really excited to participate in this one!

If you have a query and/or 1st 250 and/or 1st 5 that you want feedback on, I highly recommend entering WriteOnCon. The forums are open to everyone, regardless of whether your manuscript is finished or not. (Note: If it ISN’T finished, you must put WIP next to the title.)

Oh, and did I mention that a bunch of ninja agents stop by? 

Come say hello whether you’re entering or not! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Contest Introduction


Pitch Wars Introductions page

Forum and Registration

My Query

My 1st 5

(Note: You can’t see any entries, including mine, unless you are a registered forum user. You can certainly register even if you don’t want to participate. Stalking entries is fun 😉 It’s all free, and it only takes a minute or two.)

3 thoughts on “Check Out #WriteOnCon

  1. Love Edna. Clever! With three small children running around and ALWAYS watching animated movies, I usually reference everything in our lives with character quotes.

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