Tales of Women

Okay. I’ll keep this short.

I hear a lot of things every day from people all over the internet and in my own life about women. Some people even go as far as to tell me what they believe all women should be like and represented as.

My favorite opinion on the subject comes from Susan Fletcher’s amazing representation of Shahrazad, a favorite character since I was a child.

“Marjan. I have told him tales of good women and bad women, strong women and weak women, shy women and bold women, clever women and stupid women, honest women and women who betray. I’m hoping that, by living inside their skins while he hears their stories, he’ll understand over time that women are not all this way or that way. I’m hoping he’ll look at women as he does at men–that you must judge each of us on her own merits, and not condemn us or exalt us only because we belong to a particular sex.”
Susan Fletcher, Shadow Spinner

That’s it. Draw what conclusions you will, but I’m with Shahrazad on this one.

(Btw, shameless friend-promoting here. If you love the 1001 Arabian Nights, read SHADOW SPINNER and then read Renee Ahdieh‘s fabulous and heart-wrenchingly amazing retelling THE WRATH AND THE DAWN when it comes out on May 12, 2015. Seriously.)

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