Valentine’s Day with Mad Queen’s Chess characters


Your blood is red

Even if you claim it’s blue

Get between me & my king

And we’ll see if it’s true

– Mad Queen Li of Dinari

You asked me what I’d

Give up to have you.

Body, heart, soul, and crown:

Are these things that will do?

– King Andonel of Dinari


di Nael roses are white

and our crests are gold

All the better to kill you

If you don’t do as you’re told

– Duke Nicovan di Nael, head councilman of Dinari


I’ve never loved you

So don’t even try

To manipulate my heart

With those lovely clever eyes

– Duke Sherek di Nael, junior councilman of Dinari


Dinari is dull,

Aelæo flat as its sea.

You both need some action

How about I just invade, oui?

Malika Regine Anais, queen of Talois





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