Quick Query Checklist

Before you send off a query, take five minutes to make sure it contains all of these crucial elements.

☐ Correct email address (for the correct agent)

☐ Subject line (“Query: TITLE” if nothing else is posted)

☐ Greeting (with the agent’s name!)

Paragraph with . . .

☐ TITLE (all caps)

☐ word count (rounded to the nearest thousand)

☐ category (adult, YA, MG, PB, etc)

☐ genre (PLEASE just 1 or 2)

☐ comp titles (optional, but nice!)

(The previous paragraph can also be placed at the bottom of the query)

☐ 1- or 2-sentence hook (optional, but something I really like)

Paragraph (or two) with . . .

☐ Main character (who are they?)

☐ Status quo (what’s their norm?)

☐ Inciting incident (what shakes up the status quo?)

☐ Desire (what do they want?)

☐ Conflict (what’s in their way?)

☐ Stakes (what happens if they don’t get what they want?)

Paragraph with . . .

☐ Your name (and pen name, if necessary)

☐ Any relevant publishing credits (optional)

☐ Any relevant background experience, marginalizations, or other information as to why you are qualified to write this book (optional)

Below that . . .

☐ Signature (so we know how to address you)

☐ Contact info (at least an email address — phone # and address are optional)

☐ Relevant links (website, social media handles, etc — optional)

And PASTED below that (unless otherwise instructed) . . .

☐ Synopsis (optional — read the sub guidelines)

☐ Requested # of pages (ONLY what they ask for, or I will fong you)

Please use this checklist to take those extra few minutes before you send a query off! Trust me, the extra time is super worth it.