Lessons from the Kitchen

If you haven't noticed from my myriad of food posts on twitter, I'll just get this out here for you. I. LOVE. FOOD. One of my favorite jobs was as a cooking instructor, and I frequently experiment with various cuisines in my home kitchen. I'm wholeheartedly believe┬áthat, if you work in any vocation that you're … Continue reading Lessons from the Kitchen

Life (and Writing!) Lessons from Comic Con

"Oh, Rae," you may say as you glance at the title, "isn't this just an excuse to fangirl about all the wonderfully nerdy things at Salt Lake Comic Con?" The answer is YES. 1. Preparation goes a long way. I generally don't sew. When I put together a "costume," it's usually bits and pieces thrown … Continue reading Life (and Writing!) Lessons from Comic Con