Throwback Thursday — That First Writing Spark

You know that magic moment when you decide that you really want to WRITE for realsies?The first time that moment really hit home with me was nearly 11 years ago. In October of 2003, my family moved from New Mexico to Idaho. For me, that meant switching schools as well as states right in the middle of … Continue reading Throwback Thursday — That First Writing Spark

An Extraordinary Compilation of #Pitmad Advice

I joked with Dan Koboldt that nearly every #Pitchwars mentor (and a few agents!) had a post on how to twitter pitch, so he suggested I collect them all for your enjoyment! (This list is always growing, so please, let me know if you think I should add one you love! And use your best … Continue reading An Extraordinary Compilation of #Pitmad Advice


I was very impressed by this post, particularly since 1) I’m chronically ill myself and 2) my MC is also chronically ill.

Coffee. Write. Repeat.

Wow, I cannot thank y’all enough for your amazing response and support to my last post about my chronic illness. It really, really means a lot to me. But I also realized how little some people understand or realize about chronic illness, so I thought it would be important to talk a little more about what it is really like.

First, it is unpredictable. I may feel relatively “normal” for a week or so, then the next week because unable to even get out of bed (like this week). It hits without warning, and without reason. I might take all the precautions to be healthy, avoid certain things, stay hydrated, etc. but that can never stop it from happening anyways.

Second, it is nothing like normal illness. If any of you have ever had a bad case of strep, you may know that feeling of being completely drained, where your…

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