Critique Services

Critique Services Pricing

All critiques include overall notes, line edits, and full access to consultation and brainstorming for the length of the contract. (Prices listed in USD.) All materials should be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides, numbered pages, a page break after the end of a chapter, and in 12pt Times New Roman font.

Live publishing consultations with me (via Zoom) are handled through Whitrock Creative Services, for whom I act as Chief Consulting Officer. Please contact them to view my consulting rates.

I am currently closed to all critiques aside from queries, but my colleagues at Whitrock Creative Services offer critiques.

Query (2 passes): 40

Query (3 passes): 50

First 5 pages (1 pass): 60 (temporarily closed)

First 5 pages (2 passes): 75 (temporarily closed)

First 20 pages (1 pass): 100 (temporarily closed)

First 20 pages (2 passes): 135 (temporarily closed)

I can be reached either through my Contact Rae page or at Please include your category/genre, which service you would like to purchase, and how many passes you would like.

If you are unsure what service is best for you or would like to request a custom package, I am open to consultation. I have worked as a writing coach in the past, so I am used to tailoring things to specific clients should the need arise.

Some Important Things You Should Know

  • I have read queries for all genres in my line of work, but I am not the right person to critique the actual content of picture books, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. I can critique queries for these genres. There are many wonderful people who offer editorial services (literary agent and author Eric Smith has an EXCELLENT list here) and critique materials in genres I am not an expert in, so if I am not the right editor for you, I will take no offense.
  • To avoid a conflict of interest, should you choose to query DMLA (Donald Maass Literary Agency), because I read slush for them, I will have our other slush reader evaluate your query. You are certainly free to query the agency, but know that if you are one of my clients, I will not be the one reading your query or pages.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your edit notes or critique, please let me know. I am fairly flexible, and I very much prefer working out problems together as opposed to letting them fester silently.
  • If you purchase a 3-pass service, but end up only needing 2 passes, I will charge you at the 2-pass rate. I will never make you pay for more than you need.
  • I cannot refer you to my agent at Azantian Literary or to any of the agents at DMLA. Unless I have read an entire book and have absolute faith in the author, I cannot put my reputation on the line based on a query or first five alone. Definitely feel free to query the fine people of DMLA if your project fits their interests! They are all amazing, but please know I cannot give you a referral.
  • As of right now, I only accept payment via PayPal invoices. You will receive an itemized invoice detailing which service(s) you purchased and at what rate.
  • If you cannot afford an edit or are not ready for one, feel free to check out my craft threads or follow me on Twitter, where I frequently post querying and writing advice.
  • These editorial services will not guarantee you an agent or a book deal. While many of my clients have gone on to great success (including movie deals and 6-figure advances), I make no guarantees that every client will do so. Doing your research and querying the right agents for your project is your responsibility. If you query agents who do not rep your genre or care for your premise, there is nothing I can do about that. And while a good query and first five can certainly get you requests, polishing the entire manuscript is even more important. (I’ve seen many queries that were fantastic, but the actual writing fell short.) Take the time to find good critique partners and beta readers to help you with this. Read craft blogs and threads. There are many resources out there.