space queen

I’m Rae Loverde (Chang).

I am a SFF author who has worked at Donald Maass Literary Agency since May 2016.

I’m known for my twisty political plots, characters with grey morality, and stabbing lots of said characters — particularly love interests. Some of them survive it. Some of them don’t.

My CP’s motto while reading anything I write is “Trust No Bitch.”

She’s not wrong.


When I’m not writing, editing, or reading queries, I am a dancer, irrepressible nerd and gamer,  cooking instructor, and school speaker.

If you’re interested, here’s a slightly more whimsical introduction to me.

And because I can’t think of what you might be interested in knowing, we’ll play 5 random facts!

  1. I’ve lived in six states and moved upwards of twenty times. I really like to travel, in case that isn’t abundantly obvious.
  2. I had a stage in high school where I would only wear clothes that a Dark Jedi/assassin would wear. I sort of never left that stage — except now I wear high heels in addition to the combat boots.
  3. Slytherin. Firebender (with hints of water). Gemini.
  4. I read tarot and fae cards for fun. I’ll put out a call for free readings once or twice a month on Twitter. I also occasionally do step-by-step cooking posts.
  5. I love discussing all things chronic + mental illness. I try to be very open about topics like therapy, medication, healthy living, and living with chronic pain. I discuss and chronicle these kind of conversations on Twitter and Instagram. Never be afraid to reach out if you’re curious or need someone to talk to about this.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. How did you get a birthday card from John Williams?! My SecondBorn is an Asiaphile (learning Japanese, Korean, and Chinese–both Mandarin and Cantonese) who loves trying out Asian dishes–usually Korean. And sometimes I have the pleasure of tasting her experiments. I’m sure she has made gnocchi a few times.

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