Pop Culture Threads

Not everything I tweet is writing advice. Sometimes I just want to break down Zuko’s character arc or explore why Prince Eric is a way more decent guy than I originally gave him credit for.

A:TLA and Disney threads, incoming

Why Am I So Bad at Being Good?! — Prince Zuko has one of the most complex and powerful arcs in television. What makes this anti-hero turned hero so compelling and nuanced?

Abuse and Agni Kai — Exploring sibling relationships as well as abusive parent/child relationships over long arcs.

Legacy of Betrayal — A history of generational trauma in the Fire Nation that explores family legacies and recurring motifs in backstory.

Cycles of Family Abuse — An exploration of why Zuko — and any abused kid, for that matter — returns to an abusive parent. (Are you noticing a theme yet?)

Little Soldier Boy — Iroh is the greatest character in the history of forever and too pure for this world.

Toph Mothereffing Bei Fong — She’s too badass for you. She’s also a disabled protagonist and integral part of the Gaang. And she’s the greatest earthbender in the world.

Prince Eric: Rescuer of Puppies — Eric wasn’t really my type growing up. But upon closer analysis, he may be the most decent of all the Disney boys. I mean, dude jumps onto a burning ship to save his puppy.

Maurice: Bumbling Burglar — Belle’s father is seriously lucky he didn’t get himself killed while breaking and entering into the Beast’s castle.

All Those Childhood Animated Movies You Forgot About — Complete with gifs, nostalgia, and plenty of childhood trauma/scarring.

Hawt Animated Dad Characters — Exactly what it says. I have absolutely no shame.

To All The Boys . . . (With Daddy Issues and Burdens of Destiny) I’ve Loved Before