Writers and Mutants

Can I just say how much I love the writing community today?

For me, being a writer and discovering the online author community felt a lot like being a mutant and discovering Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

One fine day a few years ago, I was miserable, alone, and feeling like the biggest weirdo in the world.

Then I discovered Twitter.

The next thing I knew, people were coming up to me, and saying, “Oh hai! You know that weird thing you do that you’ve always done that people made fun of you for your entire life — or at least gave you weird looks for? Well, we all do it too! Let’s be besties and fight evil TOGETHAH!!!”

You guys rock.

That is all. Mutants 😛

3 thoughts on “Writers and Mutants

  1. I felt that way too! Suddenly it was, “Oh… you also have fictional characters you know way too much about?” “You also have feels for characters no other person’s ever read yet?” “YOU LIKE MY WORDS?” and it was just very accepting and sweet.

    1. Haha, yes! And people FINALLY got it when I said, “I am NOT in control of my characters’ actions! Are you freaking crazy?”

  2. Ha! I know that feeling. I was the same way. It’s a lot harder to find a writing community in the physical world. Even when you do, it’s not always a fit. Twitter makes it so much easier!

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