DON’T DO THIS (Or: The “Shortcut” That Made Me Gasp Aloud in Horror)

Uh, guys. I just read an article that had this very alarming thing to say:

“A new route to getting a traditional book deal has recently emerged – one that avoids all that endless uncertainty and stress. This new route is not only much faster, but also means you start earning money before you secure the deal too…The Solution: To Get A Traditional Publishing Deal, E-Publish Your Book First.”

Yes, that is a direct quote. No, it was not taken out of context. A person purporting to be a bestseller was giving this as advice to prospective authors. “Want to get a traditional publishing deal? E-publish and then sell it again later, totally bypassing the agents!”

I know most of you wonderful people are savvy individuals who would never buy this crap, but just in case anyone needs reminding . . .


Please. I beg you. For the love of burning things with fire, PLEASE don’t listen to this. If you want to self-publish or go small press, more power to you. That’s a legit career choice if you know what you’re getting into. But DO NOT publish a book online thinking that you can get a traditional publishing deal out of it.

No. Just no. Back away from this ludicrous “shortcut” and put in the work. “Faster” and “stress-free” = BULLSHIT. Trust the process. Don’t listen to crap.

Stay fiery, peeps.

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