Throwback Thursday — That First Writing Spark

You know that magic moment when you decide that you really want to WRITE for realsies?The first time that moment really hit home with me was nearly 11 years ago. In October of 2003, my family moved from New Mexico to Idaho. For me, that meant switching schools as well as states right in the middle of … Continue reading Throwback Thursday — That First Writing Spark

Pitch Madness Special

PItch Madness is right around the corner, friends! And I'm going to be one of the slush readers this year! Better bring your A-games! As you probably know, the entry materials for Pitch Madness include a 35-word (max) pitch and the first 250 words of your finished manuscript. I would suggest you craft your pitches early … Continue reading Pitch Madness Special

DiversifYA Interview

DiversifYA InterviewThe amazing Marieke Nijkamp interviewed me today on DiversifYA! If you'd like to see the tables turned and watch me answer questions instead of ask them, head on over and check it out!This site is also a GREAT resource if you have or plan to write diverse characters. Marieke really does a great job!